July 2023

Can Rabbits Fart Do Rabbits Fart

Can Rabbits Fart?

If you raise rabbits, you may have wondered if these furry creatures can pass gas, especially if you think you’ve heard a fart or two!  Yes, rabbits can and do fart. Their unique digestive system, which relies on fermentation to break down fibrous foods, can sometimes result in the production of gas.  Can Rabbits Have …

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can goats eat sweet feed

Can Goats Eat Sweet Feed?

We’ve received a lot of questions regarding sweet feed for goats over the years as our hobby farming friends have started their own goat herds. The most common questions are about the suitability of sweet feed for goats, as well as healthy quantities and feeding practices.  As this seems to be a common concern, we …

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Can Goats Eat Sunflowers Can Goats Eat Sun Flowers

Can Goats Eat Sunflowers

We always wonder about the range of plants that our goats can safely ingest, searching for ways to switch up our goats’ forage heavy diets.  And when considering sunflowers as food for goats, we are happy to report that these bright blossoms are a-okay to ingest!   So, Can Goats Eat Sunflowers Yes, goats can indeed …

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Can Goats Eat Beets

Can Goats Eat Beets – Beets For Goats And All Things Beet Pulp

When it comes to feeding goats, it’s natural to wonder if certain foods like beets are suitable for their consumption. Especially if you’ve heard about offering your goats beet pulp as a dietary supplement.  In this post, we’ll explore the question, “Can goats eat beets?” and provide you with essential information on beetroot, beetroot leaves, …

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Can rabbits eat lemons

Can Rabbits Eat Lemons

Although fruits are a great snack or treat for your favorite bunny, there are some that are best to NOT feed your rabbit, such as the lemon.  Lemons are citrus fruits part of the Rutaceae plant family and are native to Asia. They have become widespread and are well-known for their sour, mouth-puckering citric acid …

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