April 2022

Do Rabbits Sweat Can Rabbits Sweat

Do Rabbit Sweat?

In the spring, our local grain elevator sells baby chicks and during the summer they’ll often sell newly weaned, cute little bunnies.  We often hear and participate in the impromptu question and answer sessions as soon-to-be new rabbit owners pepper the store staff with questions about rabbit care.  In the hot weather, we inevitably we …

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How To Clean Bunnies Feet

How To Clean Bunnies Feet

Rabbits are very clean animals.  They are naturally excellent at grooming themselves and keeping their fur clean.  In fact, rabbits are so meticulous in their grooming that they don’t need to take a bath (nor do they like to bathe!) Many pet and animal experts say that rabbits are among the cleanest animals on the …

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