Goat Beards

Why Do Goats Have Beards?

The sight of a goat often includes a peculiar feature: a beard hanging gracefully from its chin. I often don’t even realize the beards our goats sport anymore, but our out of town family members usually spot it right away.  Have you ever wondered why goats possess this distinctive facial hair? The reason actually has …

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Can goats eat poison Ivy

Can Goats Eat Poison Ivy?

Poison ivy, with its distinctive three-leaf arrangement, is notorious for causing itching and rashes upon contact with human skin. However, an intriguing question arises: can goats, known for their voracious appetites, consume this toxic plant without adverse effects?  We’ve been raising goats for a few years on our small hobby farm in Pennsylvania, and have …

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How does a goat give birth

How Does A Goat Give Birth?

The process of a goat giving birth, also known as kidding, is a natural and essential part of goat farming and homesteading with goats. It may seem intimidating, but understanding the various stages and signs during kidding is crucial for the well-being of both the mother and her offspring as is remembering that your goat …

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