Bunny Trancing Rabbit Trancing

Bunny Trancing

Rabbit Trancing – What is it? Is it Healthy? Bunny trancing is when you place a rabbit on its back and due to its physiology as a prey animal, it seems to be fully awake but immobile and therefore said to be in a “trance” or partially hypnotized.  Officially, the “trance” is known as tonic …

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Do Bunnies Blink

Do Bunnies Blink?

Did that rabbit just wink at me?  Do bunnies blink their eyes? Yes, rabbits do blink.  They have a lower eyelid and an upper eyelid for each eye.  As they blink, the lower eyelid moves up and the upper eyelid moves down to meet together. Rabbits also have a third eyelid, a thin membrane covering …

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