Can Rabbits Eat Lavender

Can Rabbits Eat Lavender? All You Need To Know

If you’ve  been asking yourself “Can Bunnies Eat Lavender?” or “Do Rabbits Eat Lavender?’’ you’ve come to the right place.

Lavender (Lavandula) is a highly aromatic plant of the mint family. Rabbits love to eat other plants of the mint family, so what about lavender? 

Yes, mature rabbits can eat lavender as it is safe and nontoxic. Like Chamomile, lavender offers potential benefits for your rabbits. However, this herb is also a natural rabbit repellent! 

Read On To Learn All Benefits And Risks of Feeding Your Bunnies Lavender 

Nutritional Value: Lavender for Rabbits

Per 100g of fresh lavender, there are zero calories, proteins or fibers. However, lavender offers more than 300 beneficial compounds within its natural oils. These include linalool and acetate lavandulol. Due to these naturally antioxidant compounds lavender has been proven to assist with ailments including:

  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Microbial or fungal infections
  • Stress and anxiety 
  • Respiration issues
  • Cardiovascular issues

Will Rabbits Eat Lavender

Lavender is known for its aromatic scent and flavor. While many rabbits will find this herb appealing, it is known as a common rabbit repellent. Don’t be surprised if your rabbit refuses this herb. 

Is Lavender Good For Rabbits

Is Lavender Harmful to Rabbits?

When offered in moderation fresh lavender can support the overall health of your mature bunnies. Lavender is only harmful to rabbits when it is eaten in excess

How Much Lavender Can Rabbits Eat

When talking about how much lavender bunnies can eat, it’s important to remember the best daily diet for rabbits: 

  • Unlimited hay (75% to 80% hay)
  • Quality pellets (10% to 15%)
  • Leafy green vegetables (5% to 10%)

Rabbits require unlimited hay because their stomachs and digestive systems have evolved to metabolize a high-fiber diet. Hay provides this high-fiber and keeps bunnies’ sensitive gut bacteria in balance. 

Therefore, leafy greens should make up no more than 5-10% of your rabbit’s diet. You may practice offering about 2-3 sprigs of lavender to your rabbits on any given day without negative effects. However, we urge you to always follow certain rules that we will discuss below. 

How Often Can Rabbit Eat Lavender

Lavender is rabbit-safe and can be offered as often as every day if your rabbit enjoys the strong flavor.  Just remember that rabbits require lots of high fiber foods. If rabbits do not receive high fibers, they can suffer from stomach issues and even GI status

If lavender is eaten too often, your rabbits may experience gut issues and nutritional imbalances.

How To Feed Lavender To Rabbits

This is how we feed our rabbits lavender: 

  • Choose only fresh and fully green lavender. Avoiding wilted, yellowed, or insect eaten grass. 
  • Inspect the lavender well to remove any insects or slugs that can cause digestive issues or sickness to your rabbits. 
  • Wash the lavender well with cool water, removing any residual dirt and potential pesticides.

Next steps:

  • Place a bit of washed lavender into a clean bowl.
  • Place this bowl in the hutch or house of your rabbit. 
  • Allow your rabbit to enjoy the nutritious grass.
  • Be sure to remove the feeding bowl and any excess lavender later in the day. 

Remember, you can always mix this herb in with the unlimited hay that your rabbits enjoy daily. This method allows your bunnies to appreciate a bit of the flavor and benefits of lavender while ensuring they’re ingesting high fibers.

Lavender Fields for Bunny Rabbits

What Part of Lavender Can Rabbits Eat?

Can Rabbits Eat Lavender Leaves

Yes, lavender leaves are an ideal treat for mature rabbits. 

Do Rabbits Eat Lavender Flowers

Yes, mature rabbits can and do eat lavender plants flowers. 

Can Rabbits Eat Lavender Plants

Yes, mature rabbits can enjoy the leaves, stems, and flowers of lavender plants. 

Can Rabbits Eat Fresh Lavender

Fresh, green lavender is the best form of lavender to offer to your mature rabbits. 

Can Rabbits Eat Dried Lavender

Dried lavender can prove more difficult for your rabbits to nibble. However, dried lavender offers the same benefits as fresh lavender and can be offered to mature rabbits. 

Can Rabbits Eat Lavender Variations?

Yes, all culinary variations of lavender including Spanish Lavender and English Lavender are safe for rabbits. 

Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe For Bunnies?

Lavender essential oil is a concentrated form of lavender and it can be used topically with your rabbits to assist with relaxation, skin rashes, or infections when diluted with a carrier oil.  

Lavender Repels Most Rabbits

Lavender for Rabbits: Concerns and Risks


It is extremely important to inspect lavender well and remove any bugs, slugs, or insect eggs before offering it to your rabbits. 


Unless you harvest it from your own pesticide-free herb garden, wash lavender well in cool water to remove any residual pesticides. 

Over Ripened Lavender

Over ripened lavender means wilted, yellowed, or rotten plants. Avoid over ripened lavender as it can cause illnesses and digestive issues. 

Overfeeding Your Rabbit Lavender

If you overfeed your rabbit lavender, they will suffer from unbalanced gut bacteria which can lead to stomach, digestive, and health issues. 

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Lavender

No, we never recommend feeding baby rabbits lavender. Bunnies that are less than 12 weeks old have yet to develop strong stomachs and digestive systems.

Baby rabbits’ gastrointestinal system is extremely sensitive and cannot yet handle more complex greens.

To save baby rabbits serious digestive and potential health issues, wait until they reach at least 12 weeks before offering lavender. Even then, begin by offering just a leaf or two. 

Does Lavender Calm Rabbits?

Yes, lavender can be an effective natural calming agent for stressed rabbits. 

Is Lavender Scent Safe For Rabbits?

Natural lavender scent diffused in the air is safe for rabbits. Avoid artificial or chemical scents. 

Do Wild Rabbits Eat Lavender Plants?

Lavender is like Sage, repelling most rabbits while being enjoyed by others. Some wild rabbits will nibble on lavender plants, however, many will avoid it. 


Final Thoughts on Can Rabbits Eat Lavender

Remember these most important facts when it comes to lavender and rabbits

  • Lavender is a nontoxic herb safe for mature rabbits
  • Lavender can be a natural antimicrobial and relaxing agent
  • Not all rabbits enjoy this pungent herb 
  • Overfeeding lavender will cause your digestive issues
  • Never feed lavender to baby or immature rabbits 

Here at Hobby Farm Heaven we believe in the natural benefits of herbs.  We do our best to practice “the herb of the week” plan.  

What is The Herb of the Week plan?

The herb of the week plan is where we feed a different herb to our rabbits each week. 

How do we do this?  Most often we mix a few sprigs of the Herb of the Week in with the rabbits’ hay, whenever we feed hay.  This is easy and hassle free. 

Want to know more about the benefits of feeding herbs to your rabbits?   

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