Are Rabbits Herbivores

Are Rabbits Herbivores?

I’ve had lots of questions regarding raising rabbits, some of which come from my kiddos and others from friends; I’ll never forget when William, my youngest, asked me, “Are rabbits herbivores or omnivores?”  All rabbit raisers, whether on a hobby farm, a homestead, or in your living room, must know how to best care for …

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Can rabbits Eat cherries

Can Rabbits Eat Cherries

As devoted hobby farmers and rabbit enthusiasts, we get to provide them with a balanced and healthy diet. This means that the question of whether rabbits can eat cherries might have crossed your mind, given the tempting sweetness of these fruits.  Yes, mature rabbits can enjoy cherries as an infrequent treat, as long as they …

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How Fast can rabbits run

How Fast Can A Rabbit Run?

Biology and Evolution are primary drivers. Rabbits are not just cute companions, but also remarkably agile and swift creatures. In fact, their speed is a crucial aspect of their survival mechanism in the wild, and for hobby farmers, understanding the intricacies of rabbit speed can offer insights into the behavior and evolutionary adaptations of these …

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Can Rabbits eat raspberries

Can Rabbits Eat Raspberries?

Exploring the Berry Patch! For hobby farmers tending to a diverse array of animals, the question of what’s safe and healthy for each critter is paramount. When it comes to rabbits, their dietary needs require careful consideration! One common query among bunny enthusiasts is whether rabbits can indulge in the sweet and tart delight of …

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